We will win 16 seats in Loksabha polls: KTR


Hyderabad; Mlatimes;  KTR is confident that the TRS would win 16 Lok Sabha seats. “We will go with a slogan of ‘Telangana prajalu Delhi ni shasinchali’ (Telangana people should be able to call shots in Delhi) in the Lok Sabha elections. We achieved Telangana with just two MPs and if we can win 16 seats, we will definitely play a crucial role,” said KTR.
KTR said TRS along with its ally AIMIM will win all 17 Lok Sabha seats in the State as it was crucial in the best interests of the State. “Neither BJP nor Congress will have enough strength to form a government at the Centre on their own. With 16 MP seats, we will be able to leverage with the Centre and get our State’s demands like Bayyaram steel plant fulfilled,” he added. He declared that both BJP and Congress were reduced to large size regional parties as their influence has been reduced.
He said both the Congress and BJP were in a confused state in the country. The  Congress cannot cross 100 and BJP would not cross 150 seats. In this scenario, regional parties would play a crucial role. On the question of surveys showing Narendra Modi as number one choice for the post of Prime Minister, KTR said this was because the Modi was the Prime Minister and it was natural to get support. He said it is the parliamentary system of government and not the presidential system of government, he said.
Rama Rao dared Prime Minister Narendra Modi to contest the Lok Sabha elections without any alliances if the BJP was confident to retain power at the Centre. “TRS was confident to retain power in the State and hence, contested the Assembly elections alone. Let Prime Minister Modi do the same, rather than forging alliances with new political parties,” he said. He cautioned that people were no fools to fall for BJP’s attempts to win the elections by politicising emotions like the Pulwama attack.