MLA Sudheer Reddy gives firm reason for joining TRS


LB Nagar; Mlatimes; LB Nagar voters elected me for the second terrm to which I am indebted to them said Sudheer Reddy. Out of so many poll promises made during elections, the regularization of plots and house sites in LB Nagar area is the big challenge. Another big problem faced by the residents of LB Nagar is about property tax which is very high. He said that the property tax rates are even high than the rates collected in Jubilee hills. And he has promised to decrease the rates. And another big problem is about sewarage lines drawing towards the lake bed. This has to be stopped. And he said that he has committed to cleanliness and up keep of LB Nagar lake. He also referred about ULC problems in Sai Nagar and FTL issues of Green park which needs to be addressed. So all these poll promises need firm committment from government and therefore Sudeer Reddy felt the need for joining in TRS party because he had full faith in KCR and KTR who has forward looking in development activities. He requested the voters to understand his switching of the party for their goodness and asked them to support him in future too.