Revanth Reddy who ignored Malkajigiri - Harish Rao

Revanth Reddy who ignored Malkajigiri - Harish Rao

Malkajgiri | MLA Times | State Finance Minister Tanniru Harish Rao stated that no matter how many lies the Congress tells campaign against the BRS government. He said in the end only Dharma will stand. The minister opined that BRS will come to power for the third time. He was present as the chief guest at the BRS atmiya sabha meeting held at Malkajigiri on Thursday. Minister told BRS candidate Marri Rajasekhara Reddy to win in Malkajgiri constituency,

Speaking on this occasion, the minister criticised Congress and BJP. During the Congress regime, many people were killed in Hyderabad due to conflicts and communal strife. During the nine years of BRS rule, Chief Minister KCR as the head of the household protected the state and the people and solved the problems of drinking water and electricity. He said that Telangana has been made number one in the country in every field such as per capita income, grain production, creation of IT jobs.

State Finance Minister Tanniru Harish Rao said that the CM has given high priority to maintaining law and order so that curfew situation does not arise in Hyderabad. All the surveys say that BRS will win in 75-80 seats. He said that people do not trust Congress and BJP. Increase in pensions after coming to power, The minister said that when the KCR government, which has made Telangana a model in the country, comes back to power, the support pension of Rs 2 thousand will be increased to Rs 5 thousand and a new scheme named Saubhagya Lakshmi will be implemented for women. Rs 3 thousand per month will be deposited in the bank accounts of women through this scheme, he said.

State Finance Minister Tanniru Harish Rao said that fine rice will be distributed through ration shops from next January. In the election manifesto, it was said that KCR's life insurance scheme will be implemented for Rs.5 lakhs for one crore people. He said that if BJP increased the price of a gas cylinder to Rs.1000, KCR decided to provide it at Rs.400 as soon as he came to power. He urged the Congress party to once again stand by the KCR government, which is moving forward with the slogan of increasing wealth and distributing it to the poor.

The minister criticized that Revanth Reddy, who won as MP, has not gone away from the sin of caring for Malkajigiri for four years. Voters teach Congress a tough lesson in these elections. Mynampally Hanmantha Rao, who used to say that KCR is great until yesterday, criticized his son for joining the Congress for selfish reasons when he was not given the ticket. The Minister said, both father and son will surely lose Medak and Malkajigiri constituency in this election. On this occasion, Malkajigiri BRS candidate Marri Rajasekhara Reddy, MBC Chairman Nandikanti Sridhar, corporators, leaders, activists and others participated in this meeting.